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Sully Erna
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Godsmacks Lead Man!

Sully Erna - Vocals

Full Name:   Salvatore Paul Erna
Astrological Sign:   Aquarius
Birth Date:   February 7, 1968 - Feet first!
Birth Place:   Lawrence, MA
Siblings:   Sister Maria and a half-sister Elizabeth
Last School Attended:   Lawrence High
Has Lived In:   MA, NC, GA, and FL
Marital Status:   Single
Children:   One daughter, Skylar Brooke. Born December 17, 2001.
Height:   5'5" or 5'4". It depends on the source--Sully is quoted as saying he is 5'5".
Eye Color:   Green
Shoe size:   "A full size 9."

Musical Background:

Sully started playing drums at 3 years old.

Sully's dad is a professional trumpet player.

Sully's great grandfather was a famous composer in Sicily where every year they honor his birthday and his pictures are hung in a museum.

Kodak Moment:
When Sully was little, his dad was in a jazz band and would fall asleep in the members' guitar cases. (Spin, December 2000)

Drummer that inspires Sully:
John Bonham [Led Zeppelin]. Also likes Neal Peart [Rush] and Joey Kramer [Aerosmith]. (Guitar One, December 2000)

Favorite Bands:  Dead Can Dance, Sevendust (like.com)

Favorite Singer:  Lisa Gerrard

First Concert:  Aerosmith at the Boston Garden in 1982 (like.com)

First album bought:  Aerosmith Rocks (hottopic.com)

Pre-Godsmack Bands:
Strip Mind, Meliah Rage, The Fighting Cocks, The Scam (early Godsmack).

On his vocal skills:
"I was really bad. I was so bad at first that when I was doing vocal tracks, Robbie would just shake his head and walk out of our studio and leave for two days. He wouldn't come back." (Metal Edge, May 2001)

About drumming:
"Every time Tommy doesn't show up for soundcheck I'm the first one to jump on the kit and mess around with the guys. I do miss it." (Drum, March 2001)


What Sully's parents do:
"My mom's been a nurse her whole life. My father worked with computers and stuff like that." (hardrocklive.com)

On his mom:
"...My mom's been with me since day one. She's always supported me. Never discouraged me. Shipped my drums all over the country. She's always been there for me. We have a really good relationsip." (hardrocklive.com)

On his childhood:
"I grew up in a very poor, violent neighborhood, Lawrence, Mass., about twenty minutes north of Boston. My mom raised me and my sister single-handedly. We had it rough. We were poor. We lived in a three-tenement home with my relatives upstairs. The streets were always filled with sirens and gunshots and car chases, fights and drugs. I wouldn't change it for the world, but it was a violent, rough upbringing. It was survival." (Rollingstone.com 12-2000)

"Ninety-eight percent of my gray hairs are from Sully," says Connie Erna. "He drove me crazy, but he's matured. (Spin, December 2000)

Sully admits that "I've been pretty damn close to prison. I've done jail a couple times, but never full-blown prison." (Revolver, Winter 2000)

"Of course. I’ve never, to this day—as much as I’ve hated certain times in my life—got down on anything I’ve done in my live, because I actually cherish it. It’s important that I joined all these bands. It’s important that I moved to all these different states. It’s like connecting the dots. Because I moved to North Carolina in like ’85 with my mom, I met some bands that I played covers in. Because I was down there, I met people like Shannon [Larkin] from Amen, who was playing in Wrathchild America, and because I met him, he referred me to Meliah Rage when I got back home." (Metal Edge 06-2002)

First thing did with money from the band's success:
Sully bought his mom a new Cadillac. He bought his best friend (and drum tech) a Harley. He gave his sister and his father and his wife money. And, he bought a house for himself. (Hit Parader, April 2001)

On his daughter:
"I’ve been a daddy for two-and-a-half months! She’s a gift from heaven! It’s amazing. Everything you hear about it changing your life is true. It instantly changes your life and it’s so awesome, it’s not something that you mind changing your life for. This baby comes out, and it’s you. It’s a little you, and you go, “Fuck, I made that!” And now she’d getting to the point where she’s really alert, she’s starting to laugh and smile, she knows my voice, and she turns her head and looks when I come in the room. She’s just so beautiful. The first morning after she was born was the first morning in my whole life where I woke up and didn’t think of myself. I don’t’ mean that in an egotistical way, we just all wake up and go, “I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that…” That first morning my eyes opened, I went, “Baby! Where’s the baby?” it’s the first time I woke up and didn’t think about something I had to do, you know? But you’re not going to hear any fuckin’ ballads coming out about! I ain’t pulling that Creed shit!" (Metal Edge 06-2002)

Memorable Tour Moments:

Most memorable celebrity encounter:
Getting to sing "Heaven and Hell" with Black Sabbath during a soundcheck on the Ozzfest tour. (drdrew.com)

Memorable stage dive:
"There was one time that really scared me. I don't remember where it was. I think it was Cedar Rapids that I had jumped in and the crowd kind of lost their balance when they had me up in the air so I fell in a hole. The crowd started to collapse over my legs and I felt like the whole arena started to fall in over me. It got me nervous because I felt like I was going to get crushed and suffocated down there. Security ended up swimming out there and pulling me up and getting me back out..." (Shoutweb.com 11-2000)


Cross on his middle finger:
"When I was 14, I hid in the welding booth at school, stoned out of my mind! I stole some India ink from the art department, wrapped a needle in some thread, and started stabbing myself." (Savage Magazine)

Most of his tattoo work done by Dana Thornell and Pat LaFontaine of Tattoo Fever in Pelham, NH. His left arm fully sleeved. His right arm half sleeved. Triple X is tattooed on his lower back, there is a portrait of Pinhead from Hellraiser on his right thigh and he plans to have more work done on chest, legs and back. (Savage)

That is Animal from the Muppet Show tattooed on his right arm. It was his first tattoo. (Yahoo chat)

Sully's XXX tattoo on his back is because he's a big porn fan.

Jobs before Godsmack:

Would he would be doing if not in a band:
"I would be a bill collector, 'cause that I was doing. ...This was collections for an attorney. So I was doing, like, mortgages and credit cards and student loans, and that kind of thing..." (hottopic.com)

Before Godsmack was signed:
"I was working for an attorney doing collections. I was the pain in the ass that called you about your credit cards." (Alternative Press, November 2000)

Worst day job:
"Scrubbing the bellies of airplanes. That was about ten or fifteen years ago. I lasted about an hour and a half on the job. As soon as lunchtime came, I quit." (drdrew.com)


Favorite Record store:  Newbury Comics in Boston (like.com)

Favorite Mall store:  Circuit City (like.com)

Talk radio host/station you like:  Mistress Carrie on WAAF 107.3 in Boston (like.com)

Favorite Meal to eat on tour:  Pasta and Chicken (KROQ)

Best show on TV right now (2000):  The Sopranos (KROQ)

Favorite actor:  Al Pacino (KROQ)

Favorite Actress:  Liv Tyler (KROQ)

Favorite horror/vampire movie:  Interview with a Vampire (hardrocklive.com)

Favorite beer:  Corona

Favorite soda:  Canada Dry ginger ale

Favorite sport:  Boxing

Hangover Helper:  Pedialyte. It is on their tour riders. (Rolling Stone)

Other Activities:

Sully opened his club, Dorsia, in New York City on West 19th Street on Halloween (October 31, 2002). The club is named after novelist Bret Easton Ellis' fictional status-symbol restaurant.

Sully has been writing down stories to include in an autobiography that he may put out in the future. (penthouse.com 05-2001)

Moment in studio that stands out:
"Having wheelie contest on Zappies. We are in a really long warehouse recording our new album. Tony kicked all our asses." (Like.com)

Sully is openly Wiccan, practicing under Laurie Cabot

Additional information credits: Sexnrocknroll.com and SullyErna.org.

umm i love music it is my passion. i also love to draw and paint.
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Sully Plays:
Les Paul Guitars
Mesa Boggie Amps
Sennheiser Microphone
Yamaha Drums
Sabian Cymbals

*let this be known, im not obsessed im just loyal!*